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Something exciting is coming up!

Something exciting is coming up! If you are in e-commerce, media, telecom or even in utilities business, then you will find this upcoming tools interesting to manage your team on-the-field!  Get the clear foresight for your business!!


Access Levels of Java Class

Modifier     Class       Package       Subclass       World
public          Y              Y                    Y                    Y
protected    Y              Y                    Y                    N
no mod        Y             Y                    N                    N
private         Y             N                   N                    N

It is probably worth pointing out that in the case of no modifier, whether or not the subclass can see it’s superclass’s methods/fields depends on the location of the subclass. If the subclass is in another package, then the answer is it can’t. If the subclass is in the same package then it CAN access the superclass methods/fields

Context Encryption using Natural Language Processing

I’ve drafted a proposal for context encryption using NLP. It is a draft and might need a revision.


With the advancement in Natural Language processing, it is now possible to devise schemes to change the context of sentence, paragraph or article so that the original context is hidden. Such schemes would be required in post-quantum world. I propose a novel method of Context Encryption which will contextually encrypt the sentence. The proposed model adds another layer to the encryption model of PGP. The proposed system will be using Stanford NLP Parser to get the structure of sentence and replace it with the sentence of similar structure.

To download, click the following link :  Paper- Context encryption using NLP

Have you wonder which Engine to use in MySQL?

I’ve recently modeling database and  found that there are various kind of engines  available  to use in MySQL. I wondered which database engine would be apt? I found that there are some quite nice options available.

MyISAM is the original storage engine. It is a fast storage engine. It does not support transactions. MyISAM provides table-level locking. It is used most in Web, data warehousing.

InnoDB is the most widely used storage engine with transaction support. It is an ACID compliant storage engine. It supports row-level locking, crash recovery and multi-version concurrency control. It is the only engine which provides foreign key referential integrity constraint.

Memory storage engine creates tables in memory. It is the fastest engine. It provides table-level locking. It does not support transactions. Memory storage engine is ideal for creating temporary tables or quick lookups. The data is lost when the database is restarted.

CSV stores data in csv files. It provides great flexibility, because data in this format is easily integrated into other applications.

Merge operates on underlying MyISAM tables. Merge tables help manage large volumes of data more easily. It logically groups a series of identical MyISAM tables, and references them as one object. Good for data warehousing environments.

Archive storage engine is optimized for high speed inserting. It compresses data as it is inserted. It does not support transactions. It is ideal for storing, retrieving large amounts of seldom referenced historical, archived data.

The Blackhole storage engine accepts but does not store data. Retrievals always return an empty set. The functionality can be used in distributed database design where data is automatically replicated, but not stored locally. This storage engine can be used to perform performance tests or other testing.

Federated storage engine offers the ability to separate MySQL servers to create one logical database from many physical servers. Queries on the local server are automatically executed on the remote (federated) tables. No data is stored on the local tables. It is good for distributed environments.



Hello – how you doing?
Are you still the same..

I know you better than anyone does..
and I think I never told you..
but I think you already know…
does it really matter now as..
is the twilight already over..
Wasn’t it better than rainbow?
Hello – how you doing?

Are you still the same..
Whenever I hear that Billy Joel’s song..
You are the only woman to me..
Maybe I must be dumb to not let u know..
Maybe You were smart enough to understand it..
I’m supposed to get over you..
I thought I did..
Hello – how you doing?

Are you still the same..
I hope it would have been the same..
Now, those moments come back…
wish I could have been blind enough..
wish I could fell in  your love.. and get hurt..
wish I could gather courage and clear your mind..
wish I dont search your face..
in every girl I meet..
Hello- How you doing?
You know we will definitely meet..
You will still remain the me..

The Glamorous Mai Tai @ Aloft Kl Sentral

I’m going to follow this blog and host gathering..


swimming pool @ Mai TaiOne of the latest addition in the very exclusive circle of  bars-with-a-view-and-a-swimming-pool in KL is the Mai Tai @ Aloft Hotel in Kl Sentral. Aloft Hotels are the new urban / boutique hotels of the Starwood Hotel group –W, Sheraton, Meridien, St regis – and as such it is a promess of chic, glamour and fashion.

So what about the bar ? At the 30th floor, the atmosphere is definitely hype, with an exotic polynesian touch conveyed by the Tiki totems surrounding the swimming pool. The pool area offers really cosy places to sip your cocktail on the exquisite purple-ish deckchairs, or standing at the tables admiring the Petronas from a different perspective. Inside, the blue lights and the DJ make you feel in a good disco, which is pleasant – according to your mood you can be dancing or relaxing. It is also a place that can be rented for birthdays and…

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