The new Horizon

The new Horizon


The Ascent of Masada

It’s easier nowadays. You can just come into your car, get into cable car and reach on the top. Earlier, you’ve to travel by our own, climb up the stairs in dry scorching heat and  then reach at the top. These railings reminds us of those old days.

Singapore River cruise

Singapore is very similar to landscape of Simcity. The buildings are alike, developed by government, to provide shelter to all. Trains come and go. People get down and go to some places. Ofcourse, Marina bay  and ship on top of Marina Sands make you feel that this city is something different. Maybe, there are dreamers here. Not usual dreamers, but dreamers with epic dreams. The Singapore river cruise makes this magical dream very much apparent. Take a Hippo River cruise which starts from Clark Quay  and then you might feel probably it.  The cruise passes  various nicely decorated bridges shimmering with neon-light patterns and finally arrives at Marina Sand giving you the majestic view. To add to this magic, imagine a girl playing one of the sweetest melody under a lamp post.