Universe as I see

Please note: this is a monologue on thoughtful evening and has no scientific basis. This might be true or false.

Plasma universe is primordial whereas big-bang universe is it’s re-incarnation.

I might be wrong but I’ll try to answer this question. ¬†I cannot say what was present in the beginning ¬†but Plasma Universe is more plausible. The cosmological noise was uniform across the universe. However, ¬†temperatures differences became a norm with every big-bang. This is just a hypothesis.

The Hawking’s Grand Design looks incomplete to me. There’s more into it. I’ll not say it’s wrong. It’s half-truth.I’ll start with simple example.

The light is propagating at constant velocity in the universe. Nothing can travel faster than light.So, how come light can’t escape black hole?

the centripetal force on light = mv^2/r

How come light can feel the force since it is massless? Hmm. something else is in play. There is mass in play. Maybe, universe itself has mass, something which exists solely for the propagation of the light. the mass of the space fabrics itself determines the speed of light. We also know the mass and energy are interchangeable.

why E=mc^2? why the speed of light.

suddenly, a mass of nuclear particles is converted into universal mass, which is very different kind of mass it doesn’t interact with normal mass , it just sweeps through it.so, what is the mass of universe?

mass of universe (occupied by photon)= E carried by photon/ (speed of light)^2 = theoretical mass of light

Now, acceleration due to gravity is powerful enough to attract such minimal mass of universe. since the universe itself has moved towards black hole, it seems that light cannot escape from it.

So, why does black hole doesn’t annihilate the complete universe? Why universe is expanding at rapid rate? If universe has a mass, so where is this ever expanding mass coming from? let’s ask what is blowing that ‘universal balloon’ that number of holes like ‘blackholes’ cannot flatten it?

The answer is : blackholes themselves but from other universe:)

Think as universe is getting dragged into black holes but it doesn’t interact with matter but only with photon! Assuming the black hole is symmetrical spherical object, it might be pushing the universe fabric outwards on the other side and reversing the effects on star and galaxies it engulfed. So, if a new black hole is created in this universe, it might create a new universe appearing as a new bright star. Thus, in initial universe, the speed of universe is more than the speed of light. If two black holes have the same mass in this universe, these two black holes will emit the universal mass and light in the same universe. Initially, there might be one black hole giving birth to the universe, but later, due to probability, this universe will have more than two black holes feeding the newly created universe.

In initial few seconds, the universe is expanding at speed light and due to loss of mass of engulfed objects and their explosion,extra universal mass is also getting created. Later, galaxies and black holes are created which started dragging back universal fabric and bending it. So, black holes are wombs used by universe to give birth to other universes. It might be appear strange that a single universe can be nurtured in many wombs,but universe is not a simple baby. Infact, some universe remains in womb for very long time. What happens if there is no black hole from other universe to feed a particular universe. There is no universal mass for black holes to drag and all black holes in this universe which will come very to each other and probably will collapse into each other. This is called a situation of big-bang.

So, what is the effect of expanding and sweeping of the universal fabric? That effect is called ‘time’. The more space sweeps through the body,the more time we have spent in the universe.It means that the speed of light is the speed of fabric. If this is the case, the assumption that the speed of light is constant might be¬†invalid. The speed of light at any place in this is directly to the rate¬† of¬† expansion of the universal fabric at that part of the universe or maybe the light is independent and only the time is only directional proportional to the rate of expansion of the universal fabric. what could constitute this universal fabric?¬† Is it neutrino which sweeps through and goes undetected?

The universal fabric or undetected mass which was present with me few hours ago has already reached to Mars. What happens to time if black holes come near to each other? Universe has started shrinking and probably, rest of the matter is already spread to different universe. The time will start going backwards for the people who stays at the event horizon of universe and probably their world is about to collapse. the people leaving at event horizon will feel all of sudden but probably, it will appear as very slow period. It should be noted that 10 minutes would be equal to nearly 1 million years on the earth.

When this process completes and big bang initiates, the time of this universe is zero.

Irrespective of whether the above assumptions are true or false, nothing gets destroyed and nothing gets created.