Recipe: Marmalede Delight

Well, this is one of my favourite breakfast. All you need is:
1. 4 slices of Bread
2. Butter (pasteurized salt butter is prefferred)
3. Marmalede Jam
4. pepper
5. fresh spinach, tomatoes & carrots
All you have to do is to toast the bread in electric toaster till it becomes golden brown.

Now, apply the butter first on either face of two bread slices. Apply Orange marmalede jam on non-buttered side  in such a manner that when u press the two bread slices, the jam squeezes out just a little. Sprinkle the pepper on glistening buttered side.
You can enjoy it even without spinach, tomatoes, and carrots but if you r very health conscious & love organic food, then u can add them. ofcourse, it wont fall into category of organic food but still,u will get the required diet of vitamins and fiber to keep u going!