My Bird to Fly!


I wish my bird can Fly

Fly so high

higher than highest of mountains deeper in sky,

breaking all barriers touching the amazing heights!

I wish my bird can fly.


Softer is her heart than feathers of white dove.

Her bliss is pure, like pure bliss of morning sunlight

Such untouched beauty is afraid of such worldly eyes.

I wish my bird can fly.


Let her wings spread,

Let her fear vanish into thin air,

Let her create chaos with every lift she makes

Let her leave her nest, and touch the heights!

My bird knows she belongs to sky!


The day when she will fly, storms will born,

world will be awestruck

by her majestic strides

She will accept her fate and make a try!

I know my bird will fly!

Fly so high, high… high.. and say “Good Bye!”





So near sitting on the same table
but yet feels like far away,
the sudden silence breaches everything,
no sweet words can break.
the distance between us ,
felt like light years, baby
is shrinking faster than
you can tell.

I can see your eyes,
the whole universe,
I can see in you everyone,
I can think of,
every feeling, I can have,
the expectations, the desire,
the joy, the pain,
the distance between us ,
is shrinking faster than
you can tell.

People say time is great healer,
but this time this time
time is really hurting,
I cant wait.
the distance between us ,
is shrinking faster than
you can tell.

There are no FareWells, My Friend!

Leaving on a jet planeThere are no farewells, my friend!
Just a wait to meet again..
A smouldering fire in our hearts,
which keeps burning till the end..

Laughters, Joys, Cries, Sorrows,
Happiness or Sadness, all in torrid state..
in our heads, running through our veins..

People say past is dead..
but past so glorious between us,
how it can be dead..

There are no farewells, my friend!
when you are in my mind,always!
in every future endeavour,
we think how it would be if you were there!

somebody said we all meet after death..
be this life or another,
the gifts we gave each other,
might be not really eternal..
The feelings will still be there..
maybe, we meet again!
There are really no farewells, my friend!

Feeling Violet



Feel so high, but yet so low..
Dont know why , let us go..
Myriads colors dancing like a rainbow,
Behind these bars of worldly shallow..
So, let us go…


This world has been
drugged by worldly desires
and those who oppose it
are considered vice..
Dont you see ,the damage it causes..
Restrain, and make your choices..

Greed is a drug, which runs in our veins,
has taken over our dreams, messed up over brains..
Lust of money is real vice, dont pretend, decide..
How you will feel like..when you say goodbye… this world,
this world is jewel,
dont tarnish it with your petty differences..
accept the reality.. build no new fences..


Feel so high, bt yet so low..
Dont know why , let us go..
Myriads colors dancing like a rainbow,
Behind these bars of worldly shallow..


Compassion is a great feeling, my friend,
feel it for everyone,
whenever you possibly can..
let the flower bloom in your heart..
let the energy align the stars..
Violet is the color, embrace it,
we all kids are just the same, feel it..
working for common great future, take it..
to great heights!Yo!


Feel so high, but yet so low..
Dont know why , let us go..
Myriads colors dancing like a rainbow,
Behind these bars of worldly shallow..

Dialogue between two hemispheres of Brain

Left:Time to Quit!
Right: Quit?? Why? what do you want to quit?
Left: Everythin..
Right: Everythin?
Left:yup.. Everythin!
Right: You will be a loser if u quit everythin right now!
Left: I’ll be a loser if I dont Quit now..
Right: but u tried earlier too to quit and everytime u returned.. and everytime u returned..
Left: Pray I dont return this time..
Right: what the hell u r talking?
Left: the things u cant see..
Right: oh..yeah! like what?
Right: oh cmon.. not again!
Left: this is not real!
Right: and what is real?
Left: I donno.. I need to discover it..
Right: Why u r leavin everythin which u have discovered and goin to discover something in wilderness..
Left: They dont have any value for me..
Right: You should respect and cherish the things u have in life..last time u chased your emotions and see where u are, u r goin to again land in trouble..
Left: May be.. May be not..
Right: you will pay for it! I warn u! you will pay for it dearly!
Left: let’s see!
Right: huh! you aren’t afraid?
Left: you are afraid of only those things which u want it.. something are mine forever.. i cant lose them.. they will be with me for all the time.. For rest, I dont care.. I dont have any fear in losing them..
Right: are you sure?
Left: yup!
Right: all the best!
Left: bbye!

I’m proud of …

Its in my heart, in my veins, in my soul, in my everything I do, in every breath I take and in every minute I spend.

I’m proud of her ancient heritage, of her vedas, of her upanishads, of everything  which makes us the pioneer of the human civilization.I’m proud of her openness, of her secularism and of her determination to withstand anything and to remain intact for centuries.

I’m proud of Mahabaharata, Ramayana, purans and particularly Bhagwat Gita which gives me the direction when I’m confused. I’m proud of its contribution to the field of Mathematics, astronomy, surgery, medicine, chemistry which has given the world a new direction. I’m proud of Ayurveda and its simplistic but yet most accurate approach of diagnosing the person without any instrument.

I’m proud of Charaka for his contribution to the field of surgery. I’m proud of Chanakya for his Arthashastra, his panchtantra &  his determination to defend India and resurrect the whole nation. I’m proud of Aryabhatta for outstanding  theorems & for his lilavati shruta. I’m proud of dhanvantri for eradicating chicken pox in ancient India. I’m proud of Panini for reconstructing the ancient Sanskrit Grammar and making it the most powerful language on this earth.

I’m proud of India. I’m proud of spiritualism that India has sowed in all her children. I’m proud of Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, ShankaraCharya and various cults of shavism like Naths, augadhs, fakirs. I’m proud of Kabir, Rahim, Meerabai, Chaitanya, Raidas and many other medieival saints who gave a new direction to the society  just with their simple thoughts and bhajans.

I’m proud of Swami Prabhupada, Vivekananda, Rajneesh, Muktanand, SaiBaba and various other saints of Modern India who not only spread spirituality across India but also across the World.  I’m proud of her tolerance, even to the one who hates her and of her  lending  a helping hand to those who are ready to axe her. I’m proud that even though conquered and defeated, she never left the wisdom of tolerance and truthfulness. I’m proud of her art and culture which include everythin u can relate to as humane .

I’m proud of Prithvi Raj chauhan, Maharana Pratap, Sher Shah Suri,  Shivaji, Bhagat Singh & Subash Chandra Bose for their zeal to protect their motherland and ultimately sacrificing themselves for this purpose.  I’m proud of all those freedom fighters who fought against imperialistic rule of Britain. I’m proud of Gandhi, Nehru, Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri who guided India to become a modern nation. I’m proud of all the soldiers of Indian National Army. I’m proud of all soldiers who have sacrificed their life and are still sacrificing it to defend the ependent India. I’m proud of Gen. Cariappa, Field Marshal Manekshaw and all other generals and Major who bought  victory to our nation. I’m proud of countless and unidentified faces who spend days n nights alike to protect our country from traitors.

I’m proud of Vikram Sarabhai, J M Bhabha, RadhaKrishnan, Ramanujam and many other indian scientists. I’m proud of indian farmers who work very hard in muddy n dry fields & made our country self-sufficient in food. I’m proud of indian technocrats for bringing new technologies to India. I’m proud of JRD Tata, GD Birla, Narayan Murthy, Azim Premji  and many other for bringing wealth and opportunities in the country.

I’m proud of Indian film industry which reached to everyone around the world with open arms crossin caste, race, nationality, language & literally everything which keep humans divided. I’m proud of Indian diaspora  who spread the ancient Indian message around the world, “Vasudhev Kutumbukam”. I’m proud of everythin Indian around the world and that India belongs to the world and the World belongs to India.

I’m proud of India