For those who love Lake Shore Drive’s view

JD Maloney's Photo Blog

After going to the Jon & Taylor wedding in northern Indiana we were left with a dilemma.  It was late and we could make a pretty rough drive to head back to Champaign and wake up the next morning, or we could get a hotel in Chicago and just chill there for the night and wake up the next morning and make it the rest of the way home.  We definitely chose the second option and spend a late evening on the coast of Lake Michigan off of Lake Shore drive.  While we were there I spent most of the time snapping photos of the skyline.  Though I only took one successful panoramic sequence out of three attempts I learned some valuable lessons, and boy did that one turn out sweet!  When stitched together it totaled over 134 megapixels, thanks to the incredible resolution of my D800.  This incredible resolution…

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