Things to learn

  • Strong experience with a compiled language, like C++, Java, Go, or C#
  • I’ve experience in C++ and Java. Need to fill the cracks though.
  • Strong experience in Python, Ruby, PHP, or other scripting languages
  • I’ve familiar with all the above scripting languages. I only have experience working in PHP or Ruby. I would not say 
  • Strong experience with distributed systems, RPC programming
  • I learned only in college about RPC programming. Need to revise it. This might have changed a lot.
  • Great ideas about how to get users to discover cool products through unconventional channels
  • You mean youTube, campaign and Facebook?
  • Experience A/B testing to increase user growth and user engagement
  • what the hell is this?
  • Experience with Web technologies, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • I developed a prototype with CSS and I know it can be quirky.
  • Ability to conceive of and engineer new web features
  • Difficult job. I’ll try in my current project to move to AMSS
  • Familiarity with scenario modeling via spreadsheets and database queries
  • I’ve done sometimes for my manager.

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