Watching pole shift

At the end of 2006, our Earth stopped wobbling for few weeks. Many doom predictors called it the end of the world. However, Earth started wobbling again and everything seems to be normal now thought a bit erratic.

However, I would like to have watch this wobbling calledChandler’s wobble. Earth wobbles as it spins around the axis. There were many speculations of the origin of this wobble, but finally it was concluded that this wobble is due to movements of zillions of gallons of sea water in the form of currents.

At present, the wobbling has gone pretty erratic. Instead of   forming perfect circle, it is forming ellipse. This has not been seen ever before.

The mean pole has shifted only 0.1 sec in the past 30 years. If it continues with the same pace, it would take about 18,000 years to tilt by one more degree and nearly million years to reach to equator.

However, any small activity inside the earth can simply lead to domino effect leading to big catastrophe. I’ll watch till 2012. If the pole returns to it’s mean position by 2013, then everything is fine and stop listening to doom predictors.

If it doesn’t, you know what you have to do.


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