Shades of Truth

“Hey, I dont like him!”
“She is a big flirt!”
“He is a miser and doesn’t expend a penny on anyone.”

Judging people is one of our favourite  ways of spending the spare time. But the fact is we cannot judge people. Humans are not like homogenuous chemical substance whom u can judge as neutral, volatile, dangerous or friendly. There are complex products of the society in which they live, genes which they inherit and the education which they get. Let us take an example.

A person is travelling in a train observes the speed of the car to be 10 km/hr. Another person riding a motorcycle observes the speed of the car to be 20 km/hr but the man standing on the street observes it to be 60 km/hr. The man travelling in the car feels that the world is moving back with the speed of 60 km/hr. Though, they may have different speeds of the same  object, all of them are correct with the respect to themselves. But the person standing on the street is only able to judge the correct speeds(or velocities) of all the other person.

We judge each other considering ourselves as “The standard”. But humans are not static supreme models of ethics and virtues. We are always influenced by our family, our friends and our society. We are motivated beings which have been projected towards our goal. An element of prejudice will always govern our decision. In the above example, the man standing on the street is stationary. He doesn’t have to go anywhere . So, he can judge the speed(velocity is  scientifically more correct!).

A supreme being without any goal can be only in the position to judge.

In ancient world, kings were the sole supreme authority in their kingdom and cannot be influenced by any of their citizens. So, they pass the judgement. however, this model was not 100% foolproof and has it own shortcomings.

A friend of mine said ” Everyone has changed. But I haven’t!”. I objected immediately but we decided to avoid the discussion. Because I wouldn’t be able to justify my view. I am not static. Neither she is. But who am I to decide that.?

The crux:  “The truth we see is not ultimate and it is relative”. A person can be true to himself or herself and can be untruthful to the other person. A third person may find both of them right or wrong. There are various shades of truth and  u can never realize the real truth unless u see all the shades. Further it is black and uninteresting. U can never see all the shades in the absence of pure white light. So, next time u judge some1, u must beware that u might not be in the position to judge.”


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