Dialogue between two hemispheres of Brain

Left:Time to Quit!
Right: Quit?? Why? what do you want to quit?
Left: Everythin..
Right: Everythin?
Left:yup.. Everythin!
Right: You will be a loser if u quit everythin right now!
Left: I’ll be a loser if I dont Quit now..
Right: but u tried earlier too to quit and everytime u returned.. and everytime u returned..
Left: Pray I dont return this time..
Right: what the hell u r talking?
Left: the things u cant see..
Right: oh..yeah! like what?
Right: oh cmon.. not again!
Left: this is not real!
Right: and what is real?
Left: I donno.. I need to discover it..
Right: Why u r leavin everythin which u have discovered and goin to discover something in wilderness..
Left: They dont have any value for me..
Right: You should respect and cherish the things u have in life..last time u chased your emotions and see where u are, u r goin to again land in trouble..
Left: May be.. May be not..
Right: you will pay for it! I warn u! you will pay for it dearly!
Left: let’s see!
Right: huh! you aren’t afraid?
Left: you are afraid of only those things which u want it.. something are mine forever.. i cant lose them.. they will be with me for all the time.. For rest, I dont care.. I dont have any fear in losing them..
Right: are you sure?
Left: yup!
Right: all the best!
Left: bbye!

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