Hinduism as I see

Many people tried to define Hinduism but failed miserably, So it would be inappropriate to say that  I ‘m  trying to define Hinduism. Being a Hindu, I’m sharing my beliefs about the most ancient belief existing in this world. Can u define matter? Can u define energy? Every time we try to define it, you find you missed something or you try to satisfy one aspect, other aspect  grew incongruous. The duality and uncertainity which exists in the nature exists in Hinduism too.

Moreover, this duality and uncertainity is vital to maintain the flexibility and adaptability. Hinduism itself is not  an indigenous term. Europeans called it Hinduism. We called it ‘Sanatana Dharma’. We called our land ‘AryaVrata’. The origin of Hinduism is unknown. Infact, it has 330 million gods and godesses.  People who cant understand Hinduism get baffled by this fact and chortle Hinduism reprovingly. The point of disbelief is that how can I  pray 330 million gods daily? I’m going to clear this doubt later on.

First of all, Hinduism is not a religion. Hinduism at present is a set of beliefs accepted by people living below Hindukush. People from school of Advaita can denounce the existence of Shiva,Vishnu or Brahma and all th demigods like Indra, Varun, Surya. Some people get perplexed by myriad beliefs existing in the single religion which contradict each other.

The very word ‘religion’ distracts the indian reality. Did I say Indian?Yes. Any indian or human being can be called hindu if he believes in certain principles like every individual is free to his will and his beliefs has to be respected. Every human has to be rational and find his own way to the truth and is ultimately responsible of  his  life. All western religions have a dogma and a body to control or impose the rules of religion. Hinduism doesn’t have any central authority and advocates existentalism.

Even, any eastern religion doesnot have any central authority and each focusses on self-realization and the quest of individual to find the truth.  This give every individualistic insight to Hinduism. In contrast to Hinduism, Hindu society is neither individualistic nor homogenous. Hindu society has rules but Hindu religion doesn’t .The Hindu society is governed by DharmaShastra. But this Dharmashastra is not ultimate and can be modified according to the requirement of the society. The last modification was made in 18th century.

Hinduism  as a science

Hinduism can rival Science. Athiest scientists are dumbfounded when it comes to Hinduism. Their belief about the religion that religion is just a set of dogmas imposed on the society and God is the creation of imagination of  human mind is seriously challenged by the Hinduism. Hinduism is very similiar to Science. It takes some assumptions and by logic, it forms a set of beliefs. Further, if they turns out to be false, Hinduism dump those beliefs. There is no dogma which can restrict the growth of Hinduism. Maybe this is the reason, we have so myriad  incongrous beliefs just because they cant be challenged or proved false.

Why 330 million Gods?

Now, the question arises why 330 million gods?  As Hinduism has the nature to celebrate every belief of rational human being, it has so many gods. The Hinduism have celestial gods from Greek and Romans, rituals from phoenicians, nature worship from Druits, shintoism and other celtic religion, Avatars like Buddha and Mahavir from Buddhism and Jainism, Brahman from Jews, occultism from various tribals rituals. It cant be restricted to particular time domain, particular region on the earth or particular species.

Humans even cant claim that Hinduism or ‘Sanatan Dharma’ belongs to them. Stories of Puran and Vedas tell the truths of age before Jurassic age. Then, there is concept of reincarnation , the heaven and the hell and above all the Maya. The 35 avatars of Vishnu tells us about  the evolution of species on the Earth from Fish to Lions to Pygmies to Humans. Then, there are about 8.4 million species (yonis) in Hinduism.  The Samudra Manthan tells about the formation of himalayas and disappearance of Tethys Sea which happened during Jurassic period which existed about 30 millions year ago!

Clearly, wtih such a long span of history, Hinduism is bound to have so many gods  and so many beliefs.

The Maya

Hinduism has a very unique philosophy i.e., Maya. For many, maya is the illusion which binds us to the Earth. Maya is the super-imposition of the world and the universe on the greater universe in which we live. Western religions doesn’t recognize this super-imposition. We are like trapped in these three dimensions. However, Science recognizes there are many other dimensions are still inaccesible to humans. Western religion call it miracle. Miracles are for those people who cannot understand the force behind the process.

The origin of philosophy of Maya came from the logical way of thinking. Long before Egyptians thought that we think from heart (as  heart beats fast as we grow anxious), we knew that humans use brains to think and not the heart. The process of goin to sleep and  reaching to sub-conscious state has been analyzed long before. Certain cases of remembrance of past lives by some individuals and cross-verification of past life of individuals proved that people are re-incarnated. It happens even today and there has been ‘tons’ of  documented scientific evidence of past life though it is not accepted by large section of scientists (their religious or scientific prejudice does not allow them to see the naked truth).

The indian philosophers went further. There were bewildered  by this fact as it challenged the notion that everything we experience is stored in our brains. If  after death, the brain  and the body gets destroyed,  then there must be the place where our memory is stored. In the search of truth, they went to concentrate on the brain.

They came to understand various unique features of brain like human brain has the tendency to think something everytime. Not only that, they cannot continue with a single thought for even a minute. They tried to attain the state ofthoughtlessness known as Sunya or Zero. They went further and realized that human brain has the capacity to understand the cosmos without saying anything. For example,  like vibes or intuition humans get about things going to happen.

It forced them to conclude that everything is pre-determined. But they went further in the search of the truth. If the brain is powerful to intercept inter-dimensional messages, it should be able to respond and change the multi-dimensional universe to affect the future. The further self-realization made them clear that we are trapped in this universe and our mind has the key  to escape from this trap. They called  it “Maya”.

In what lies beyond Maya, they went further and found that since they can modify or alter the multi-dimensional lattice of this universe, they have the access to the every part of universe or every particle of this universe. This state is called “Shiv”. This is the state when a human being become universal, omipresent, all powerul and syonymous to the God.

Yogis came to know that there is definitely a god and also came to know about various abstractions like swarg, narak, pitralok, various loks and also about the very central autority to which everyone is connected. They became gods in their own respect. They created their own level of abstraction where they live. This place is known as “Gyanganj”. This method of achieving God or being god is known as ‘GyanMarg’ .

The ‘BhaktiMarg’ is also related to the same principle. However, the approach is quite different. In Bhakti, we are so immensely involved that your brain is overwhelmed with the  single feeling. The central authority cant deny the multi-dimensional trauma caused by this feeling; the central authority is forced to respond to ur bhakti and fulfill your desire. There are various spiritual powers either godly or evil  identified by Hinduism which roam free in this multi-dimensional lattice.

The last one is “KarmaMarg”. It believes that since u as an identity is stored somewhere else . you elevate or lower ur state in the various re-incarnations. Just think that u r AI program whose attempt to understand and evolve itself  and in that attempt, you urself  get evolved into better programs or worse programs. The ultimate of you as an AI program is to reach the mental state of the creator or central authority or God.

Why Idol worship?

There is no need of idol worship in “GyanMarg”. But people following “BhaktiMarg” can isolate their thought if they can visualize God as an object. It is difficult for human brain  to visualize abstract shapeless all powerful God and stick to one thought. For example, if I say ” TriTrita” is all powerful,  omipresent, it would be difficult to visualize it. But if I say that TriTrita is a three-headed human being which  has each of his head in each three dimension, it would be easier for u to visualize. This is the reason why Idol worship is highly reverred in ancient civilizations. The various spiritual powers in multi-dimensional lattice are isolated  and given a shape. Human brain is allowed to picturize and worship it.

I would write more about Hinduism in the next blog. Please post ur doubts comments and suggestions. If you’ve any information related to this post, plz share with me.


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