Eradicating Plastic pollution in Fresh waters (and possibly seas)

I came across possible solution when found that Indian Meal moth larvae can digest plastic. The secret is special strains of bacteria, which resides in digestive tracts of larvae. However, larvae eats plastic really slowly and we might need a bigger species which can eat plastic  and multiply faster in fresh water or marine environment to tackle plastic pollution in water bodies.

I found TetraFish can eat Indian Meal moth and possibly keep bacteria digesting plastic alive in it’s digestive tracts. Following plan might help to validate and eradicate plastic pollution on the large scale.

  1. Feed 20 cycles of reproduction of Indian MealMoth on plastic.
  2. Feed 50% of each reproduction cycle of Indian MealMoth larvae to  the colonies of Tetra Fish
  3. Continue the feeding of plastic feeding Indian MealMoth larvae for 10 cycles of reproduction
  4. After 10 cycles of reproduction, mix small plastic with Indian MealMoth larvae to see if TetraFish feeds on plastic
  5. If TetraFish starts feeding on plastic and doesn’t die and able to digest the plastic, continue and multiply colonies for 10 cycles of reproduction.
  6. Leave each reproduction cycle of Tetrafish into lake filled with plastic if they can feed on plastic and clear the lake.

If the following experiment is successful, repeat the same experiment on appropriate marine species.


In this illustrous dark jungle of illusion,
Many travellers make many strides
In search of two creatures exist,
Running away from each other with no respite
Great compassion  is blossoming in your  heart,
Whose radiance is like a new born star.
Two creatures,Ignorance and Knowledge
 are coming together
Leaving  darkness no place to hide..
 your name must be synonym of joy..
Your sprit strives for adventure and drive,
The elixir of your youth
 will make gods lust for this earthly life..
Your grace is divine..
 A sense of selflessness and no pride..
 Modesty is definitely a jewel of enlightened, they said right..
Prosperity follows you leaving sadness behind,
 You are blissfully unknowingly divine


26028_385118039593_3741294_nMy Dear friend,
send me some pictures of yours..
with navy pier and lake drive shore..
the glittering lights of downtown..
with heart in middle of that building, hope it’s not gone..

My Dear Friend,
the self reflection of millenium park,
the dangerous streets when it goes dark..
hope you are safe and sound..
I still wish you were around..

My Dear Friend,
the stories of wisdom you share,
the beautiful memories  you make,
Someday, we will keep everything aside
We might just want to reside..

.. together forever.. and ever..











Corre bebé corre


Corre bebé corre
Esta vez nunca llegará
Persigue tus sueños para tu propia gloria
No te pierdas y haz tu historia ..

Corre bebé corre
Hacia su meta.
A tu sol
Si olvida su barco
Puedes tomar otro.
Pero asegúrate de llegar allí una vez.

Corre bebé corre
Esta vida es como un viaje,
besa la tierra, vive una vez ..
Con altibajos,
Nunca siempre soleado
Todos tus planes podrían desentrañar … pero disfrutar como tu viaje.

Corre bebé corre
Una vez que estuviste allí
Encontrarás la paz ..
Después de cero, hay infinito.
es posible encontrar la frase anterior desconcertante ..
pero es la verdad universal y el misterio ..

hasta entonces,Corre bebé corre

My Bird to Fly!


I wish my bird can Fly

Fly so high

higher than highest of mountains deeper in sky,

breaking all barriers touching the amazing heights!

I wish my bird can fly.


Softer is her heart than feathers of white dove.

Her bliss is pure, like pure bliss of morning sunlight

Such untouched beauty is afraid of such worldly eyes.

I wish my bird can fly.


Let her wings spread,

Let her fear vanish into thin air,

Let her create chaos with every lift she makes

Let her leave her nest, and touch the heights!

My bird knows she belongs to sky!


The day when she will fly, storms will born,

world will be awestruck

by her majestic strides

She will accept her fate and make a try!

I know my bird will fly!

Fly so high, high… high.. and say “Good Bye!”